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Believe in the mission? Join the movement.

Have you benefited from AP information or support?

Seen the benefits to a parent or child?

Help API expand its impact today by becoming an AP Advocate now

An AP Advocate supports:

► Local Support Groups providing free information and encouragement, including $15 directly to your chosen local API group;
► Training and accreditation of Leaders;
► Development and dissemination of educational materials;
► Advocacy, research, and outreach;
► Online support;
► Sustaining support operations; and
► API's mission of nurturing children for a compassionate world.

AP Advocates receive updates on the advances and impact of API programs around the world.

AP Advocates automatically become API Members, if not Members already, and receive API's free support resources, as desired.

Sign up online or send the following information and a check to: API, PO Box 973, Bristol, TN 37621

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