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Attachment Parenting International's Editorial Review Board takes a leading role in shaping new content created within the Publications Team.

Rita Brhel


Rita Brhel, API Leader, is API's Publications Team Coordinator and Managing Editor of The Attached Family and APtly Said.

Rita and her husband have 3 kids and live near Hastings, Nebraska, USA, where Rita works as a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. Rita is also a member of the Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition's Leadership Team and Community Breastfeeding Initiative Taskforce, and a member of Breastfeeding USA's Editorial Review Board. Rita volunteers as a peer counselor for Sidelines High Risk Pregnancy Support Network.

Rivkah Estrin

Rivkah Estrin, CBE, is a pregnancy consultant, childbirth educator and postpartum doula for The Orchid Nest/The Palms Birth House in Delray, Florida, USA. She and her husband have 4 children.

Linda Folden Palmer

Linda Folden Palmer, DC, has served with API in a number of functions since 2001. She has 1 grown child and is the author of Baby Matters.

Samantha Gray

Samantha Gray, API Leader, is API's Executive Director and serves locally as leader of TriCities Parenting API near Bristol, Tennessee, USA.

She and her husband have 3 children. She is also a La Leche League Leader and a parent educator for the Nurturing Parent Program and the Guiding Good Choices and Support School Success curriculums.

Shoshana Hayman

Shoshana Hayman is a regular contributor to API's APtly Said and The Attached Family.

She and her husband have 6 children and live in Israel, where she is the founder and director of the Life Center, through which she translates and publishes Attachment Parenting books in Hebrew and follows up with their workshops curriculums. She is also Israel's Regional Director for the Neufeld Institute.

Lisa Lord

Lisa Lord is a Project Assistant for API's Publications Team, primarily assisting with The Attached Family and Parent Compass.

She and her husband have 2 children and live in Ireland, where she works as a copy editor.

Katherine Wilson-Thompson

Katherine Wilson-Thompson, IBCLC, RLC, is a Lactation Consultant in private practice in Bristol, Tennessee, USA.

Judy Sanders

Judy Sanders is a member of API's Board of Directors.

She and her husband raised 5 children. Judy is the former Editor of Northwest Baby & Child and a professional actress and vocal artist. She is currently a La Leche League Leader and has served a number of functions within LLL International, including on the Board of Directors. She has also volunteered as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children.

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