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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs to maintain affiliation with API? How do groups make income to pay expenses?

API support groups pay a $25 affiliation fee yearly in October.  API encourages groups to sell memberships and plan fundraising projects to meet this expense as well as any additional expenses incurred in establishing and running a group.

How long does it take to be approved after I apply?

The amount of time involved between the application submission and approval averaged four months in 2011.  The quickest application was completed in two months.

Do I have to have a co-leader to start a new API support group?

API does not require two support group leaders, but it is strongly recommended. It is more difficult to establish and maintain a support group with one leader, but some support groups do have only one leader. Applicants and new leaders are encouraged to find a co-leader as soon as possible. It is extremely important to the sustainability of each group to have more than one leader.

Do I have to finish the reading before I am approved?

Yes, reading the required materials will prepare applicants to help parents and will help them become familiarized with the approved resources to which they’ll eventually be referring parents.

Do I have to finish the required reading before I apply?

No, we encourage applicants to apply even if they have not completed any of the readings. Applicants can complete their book reviews after they apply, with the goal of completing them within a few months. After the application becomes official, applicants will be given a list of resources that will be used to fulfill the book review requirement. Applicants may submit the three required book reviews with their initial application (if they are finished), and then work on the other four after applying.

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