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Any New Zealanders here?

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  • Any New Zealanders here?


    Yeah I know NZ isn't part of Aussie but there was nowhere else listed closer, so what could I do!

    I'm in Auckland and would love to get in contact with others practicing Attachment Parenting. I've been going to La Leche League which put me onto AP as what my parenting was naturally, but now baby getting a bit old for LLL, nearly 1yr.

    Hope you other Kiwi's look here


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    Look in thease threads, there are two women from NZ. Maybe you could PM them?


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      Hi there, I am also in Auckland region and am practicing AP principles with my 3 1/2 mo daughter. email me I would love to catch up


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        I am in New Plymouth. Have 5 yr old and nearly 2 yr old boys. I am a Leader with LLL and continue to find that LLL is the best place for support with AP as well. Do they not have a good toddler group in your area? I have often thought of starting a playgroup in my area so would also love to hear from people in Taranaki!



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          Oamaru mum here

          Hi, im from Oamaru in the south island!
          hard to find forums with other ap nz mums
          I have a 17 month old daughter


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            Yes I am a LLL member and used to go to their meetings. Because they about breastfeeding and most of what they talk on is breastfeeding it's mostly new mum's there. Also I didn't manage to breastfeed and I feel a bit left out. But they guided me to AP (which was fantastic) when Plunket was advising me not to go with my natural instincts with feeding and sleeping care.


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              Attachment parenting group in Auckland


              I'd love to meet and maybe create AP group in Auckland. I do need support, would love to share and discuss and learn new things. I don't quite agree with the mainstream thinking in NZ of sleep training, feeding on schedule and sleeping in a separate room. People say i'm spoiling my baby by sleeping with her.

              Please email or call or contact me on skype! I would love to meet up with you! I'm based in Auckland, Meadowbank.

              skype: mnogolika_skazka
              phone: 021 1900516