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Anyone else from Australia?

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  • Anyone else from Australia?

    Hi everyone! This is such a fantastic forum, it's great to be able to discuss things with like-minded parents. Just wondering, is there anybody else here who lives in Australia?

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    Howdy! What part of Aus are you living in? We are in SE QLD. Gotta run more later.


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      Hello! Whereabouts in SE Qld? We are in Melbourne now but hubby used to live in SE Qld. Great to see someone else from Oz here!


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        Se Qld

        Hi. SE QLD is the Gold Coast for us. One of my partners daughters goes to school in Melbourne. We went down for a visit a little more than a year ago and had a great time. It was unseasonably warm and I just loved Melbourne.


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          Gold Coast for my DH too. This site is a great idea isn't it! Are there many AP-ers in your area or do you find it difficult to find like-minded parents? I find I seem to be very much in the minority down here...


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            I am from Melbourne too happy mum...where-abouts?


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              I'm in Brisbane. I find the ABA meetings are a great place to meet like-minded people - although I think it is a bit sad that breastfeeding is seen as somewhat 'alternative'.


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                Hi mikhela_lee nice to have you here! Yep love the ABA!!!! And I agree it is sad that breastfeeding (especially babies past 6 months or heaven forbid, 1 year! ) is still not seen as a perfectly normal or usual part of society.


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                  Se Qld

                  Hi Ladies. Sorry about the delayed response. What is ABA?

                  Yes, surprisingly the AP crowd here on the GC is hard to find at the moment. I found a local AP'ish' Yahoo Group and have applied to join the group but no response yet. Well, if they are anything like me, then they are aware I am there and interested and just trying to find time to respond.

                  I love this website and have learned so much from the sharing that takes place here. I am so very thankful for this site.

                  If you are every in the GC area, PM me and maybe we can meet for a cuppa.

                  DS is growing like a little reed.

                  Hugs and Happiness.


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                    Hi from Perth

                    Hi there ladies. I've just stumbled across this site and happy to hear of some fellow Aussies. Love the API philosophy, so does my 9month old son!
                    Are there any API support groups around?


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                      Abundance - ABA is the Australian Breastfeeding Association
                      We were just up your way having a break in Byron - lovely! I agree, this website is great! It's so nice to know you can ask advice and not have to expect the "control crying" response or similar. I'm the same with trying to find time to get on here though. DD tries to "help" me type if she's awake.....

                      Liseylu - welcome! Whereabouts are you? I'm in Melbourne. I'm not sure about API groups here - like abundance I saw a yahoo one but it wasn't used much. Maybe with more people visiting here we could start one....


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                        Hi - I'm new here, and also from Brisbane, I'd love to meet up with others if you are interested!

                        I'm a 35yo attachment mum with a beautiful 15 week old daughter who is still doing all her day sleeps in arms! I am going to try the local ABA group too but haven't got onto them yet. I was going to an aware parenting group but that has stopped meeting, so I am looking out for likeminded parents to meet up with and share things. Plus I need to get out occasionally!

                        Anyway, nice to find this site, and hopefully some of us can meet or message each other over here in Brisvegas...



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                          I am a newbie.. this is actually my first post
                          I am in Melbourne also with hubby & an almost 11 month old gorgeous son aka little firefly|
                          Great to find international site with likeminded people
                          Great also to find some fellow Aussies to :P


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                            Hiya, I'm not technically from Aus.. I'm in the Island States off to your East.. lol

                            I'm in NZ and I've found the most AP support through La Leche League.

                            Nice to meet you all.


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                              Hi, I'm from Melbourne too! Am finding it difficult to find any attachment paretning support groups down here. Have so many questions!