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Reading/Berkshire/South central UK anybody?

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  • Reading/Berkshire/South central UK anybody?

    anybody else out there? Feel a bit isolated when it comes to childrearing philosophy (apart from my one best friend: LMcC no need to reply :-)) Anybody else into AP?
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    Im in Reading, Berks.......anyone else?

    Hello, not sure if Im too late. Im in Reading, Berks and Im also an AP mummy. My LO is 16 months now and we co-sleep, breastfeed and Baby wear (although not so much wearning now he is big!)

    We also weaned using BLW.

    I am feeling rather lonely as all of my friends think Im a raving loony, with every single one of them formula feeding, cot sleeping and using cry-it-out (which I hate) so Im hoping its not too late and maybe we could meet up?

    Im also moving to Emmer Green next week and I will be looking into starting an AP group, perhaps you would like to get involved and help me run it? Im sure there are more than 2 AP mummies in Reading?

    Anyway, hope this doesnt come too late

    Sharon x


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      Hi, I'm in Berkshire (Bracknell) and have been wondering the same thing! lol Nice to know there's at least some others out there.