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Is there a Philadelphia area group?

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  • Is there a Philadelphia area group?

    The only thing I've found on the website is Montgomery county. Countless emails to the leader who's address is posted have gone unanswered so I figured that's likely defunct.

    Any Philly people here? I'm in the Philly burbs and looking to connect with like minded parents.

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    I tried to find a group here also, last spring/summer, when I moved here. I'm in the suburbs too - Trooper/Audubon. My daughter just turned 4, and it's been tough doing things differently than most people and only finding like minded people on the internet or in books!
    Are you nearby?


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      Maybe you should start your own group!

      There are also other, possibly agreeable groups in your area that may work for you, although not affiliated with API.

      I found these in a quick online search. Most come with a strong Natural Parenting side, so if that is not for you..........Start your own API group!

      Families for Conscious Living -Philadelphia

      The Peaceful Parenting Meetup Phoenixville Group

      Haddonfield NJ Attachment Parenting Advocates

      Garnet Valley Attachment Parenting Advocates

      I know nothing of these groups personally but it might be worth it to get in touch to find that like minded community.......


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        Thank you Naomi. That's helpful. I've started with that phoenixville meetup group. It looks good.