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Is there an active API group in Gwinnett Co., GA?

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  • Is there an active API group in Gwinnett Co., GA?

    Our family has enjoyed being active in our local API group and we are seeking an online connection with an API group before our move. We are currently in the Chicago suburbs, but moving to Duluth within the next year. With API's HQ in Alpharetta, I thought surely there is a group in our new community but I can't find one!

    Am I going to have to start my own group after we move?

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    Hi Felicia!

    I'm in Monroe, about an hour or so from Duluth. I was wondering the same thing about the API group of Gwinnett....there is one listed on the main API website; I sent them an e-mail quite a while ago but never got any response. So my guess

    But if you want to start one, my ds and I will definitely come out and support you.

    When are you moving out here?


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      we are planning on next april, unless circumstances change & bring us out there earlier. I emailed & called the gwinnett co group on the list too, never got an email or call back. maybe I will call api hq to see if they know what's up.


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        You guys try emailing Stephanie..she is in Alphretta and so is Brandy..both work for us here at API...


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          I live in Duluth!

          I live in Duluth, and also tried contacting the Gwinnett Group, with no success. I attend the North Fulton API group, which has a Yahoo! Group you could join while you're still in FL, to be connected with us. Anyway, the N Fulton (a county bordering Gwinnett) group is quite close to Duluth, so you should join us!

          As in the previous post, Stephanie is the leader of the N Fulton API group.


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            API in Gwinnett

            Hello all,
            I just wanted to post what I know about the API group in Gwinnett. I was going to the meetings when we had them but we havent' had any since 2007. The api of gwinnett site in down now so I am in the process of getting certified and get this group gping again. I already have a great place to meet in suwanne so now it's just paperwork. IF anyone else has ideas or questions, please feel free to email.