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  • Daycare in Johnson City, TN

    Hi, I am a working mom to a six month old little boy. I have been struggling with leaving him at daycare, but we need my income for the time being. I am looking for a SAH parent who would be willing to watch my son during the day. Our current daycare provider is not on board with our nutrition choices (ie: breastmilk only, no solids yet) and thinks he should "cry it out" when he is upset. I can't stand the thought of my little boy not having his needs met. Who better to watch my son than an attached parent! Please email me or pass my email address on to anyone you might know in Johnson City. Thanks, Leah

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    Have you contacted API of Knoxville?
    I think that is the nearest group, they might know someone in your area.

    Also try LLL in your part of TN.

    That must be frustrating.
    Personally, I took in a boy to babysit to help get funds, but I know there are many reasons for going back to work. You may get health care or a great pay scale or better yet really enjoy your profession! Good luck with that!