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thinking of moving to NC

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  • thinking of moving to NC

    Who's out there?

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    I know we have PM'd a bit about it, but I wanted to ask what is it that you are looking for in a move to the area?


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      Well, I will need a job, and a safe place to live. I want to live pretty close to where I work and to STUFF (so I can maximize time with my kids).

      I am an odd mix of opposites: crunchy AP mom and city girl, mainly. I'm from the DC area and love all of the city stuff--metros, museums, lots of places to work to choose from, festivals. BUT.....I also have an organic garden (for which I have a compost pile), I eat organic mainly, cloth diaper my kids, etc.

      Now, I'm in the Tampa area of FL. There is no API chapter, so I'm a leader applicant to start one. Would be nice to move somewhere where I don't have to start ANOTHER chapter. Would be kinda cool to move somewhere where my tribe already lives. So I'm looking seriously into the Triangle area. Maybe Cary?

      I would have to make enough to support me & my 3 kids (so cost of living would have to be low).

      I love going for walks--love beautiful scenery. Not much of a beach person.

      Make sense?


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        No to Cary if you are crunchy even in the slightest. I am an odd mix too. I miss my NYC home. Roof top and balcony gardens for years! Totally HOA area. You get just a few colors to choose from for your home, no clothes line, no gardens... etc.

        The AP community here needs a lot of work. They have other parenting groups that have "controlling" majority of the area and dismiss API in favor of their own agenda, but I am working on changing that. Their own agenda is not AP friendly, but most people don't understand much about AP or API so hopefully once we have more advertising about ,they will come into the light so to speak.

        You may prefer the Chapel Hill area or closer to where I am, although I would prefer Chapel Hill or Durham for myself at this point, but we have already invested.

        Rent in Raleigh for 6 months to a year and take a good look around before you choose.


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          Cool beans for the thoughts! I'll look into it. I was looking at Garner. Seemed nice. I don't know what area you're in. Thought about Charlotte. More research! This is FUN!


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            What a small world, we (DH, DD and I) are living in DC, we love the area so decided to rent out house instead of sell and we are moving to Durham North Carolina the end of September. I am lucky, my job is allowing me to continue working for them, so I will be working from home or setup a satelite office or something. I was really looking forward to joining the local group there.


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              Way cool!! I miss DC soooooooooo much!! I almost went back to visit in July. Please let me know how you like Durham!


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                I can already tell you I love Durham, Cary is very nice too but a bit pricey, there are many many northerners who live in Cary and it has become the....Georgetown of Research Triangle Park (RTP) area. Though I am partial to Durham as this is where my family lives, both in south durham and north durham. I will reside in south Durham, in a neighborhood right down the street for Southpoint mall. I do love the area.
                We lived there from 2004-2006 so my husband could finish up his degree (undergrad degree). We then moved back Spring of 2006, to our house that we had rented then too. We didn't think we would be moving back to NC so soon, but after having my little girl Maddison (December 2007) I just felt a pull to move out of the DC and into suburbs and be around family. We thought (briefly) about moving to suburbs in MD or VA, but housing is so very VERY high here, and moving out where housing is a bit lower would mean the commute would be 1-2 hours NO THANK YOU!!! So home to NC we go.

                I will write you again after we move down, and please let me know if you come to the area.