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AP Baby Group in Palm Beach Gardens / Jupiter / Hobe Sound / Stuart, Florida

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  • AP Baby Group in Palm Beach Gardens / Jupiter / Hobe Sound / Stuart, Florida


    I'm a first time mom to a 5mo DS in north Palm Beach. I'm looking to start a "mommy and me" baby group with other AP moms in the area. I got the idea because I am the only AP mom I know and it's a little bit lonely. I am anxious to talk to some other moms who are on the same wavelength. I got tired of going to pricey gyms and other meetings where the main question was "is he sleeping through the night?" and when I wanted to talk slings, the topic was febrezing.

    I would really love to meet with other moms who are practicing the principles of AP so we can swap info and stories. I'm thinking we could meet at free or low cost public places like the mall or Loggerhead Marine Center (turtle sanctuary.)

    I am also posting on where my name is MammyD (Mammy was taken, lol.)

    Hope to find some other AP moms nearby! If anyone is interested, please post.
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    We're in Jupiter

    Hi Mammy!
    We moved this past May to Jupiter from Southern California where AP was known and very well accepted. I completely understand how lonely it is in this area without much of an AP community for support -- in person moms.

    I am a mom of four boys - 8, 3, 1, and 5 months and all of them have been raised with the AP style of parenting. We also homeschool which keeps our days pretty full. We do take Fridays off so if you ever are free on a Friday, maybe we could meet somewhere. Glad to hear that I'm not alone here in Palm Beach County!



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      Hi Stephanie!
      I'm in Jupiter too and my son is 5mo. Glad to know I'm not alone!
      Who's your pediatrician? I've been dying to ask someone on the same wavelength!
      It'd be great just to talk about local things like that. Maybe we can meet up on a Friday for lunch or a park playdate.
      Nice to meet you!


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        Sorry it took so long

        Hi Mammy,
        Sorry it took me so long to respond. All of my boys (husband included) have been sick this past week. Everyone is slowly on the mend and I'm praying I stay healthy. Getting together sounds great! My mom will be in town this coming Friday but maybe the Friday after that (the 13th) we could meet somewhere. If you know of a good place, let me know. As for pediatricians, we have opted for a family doctor. It's been really hard since we used the Sears while we lived in California. It's a long story (searching for pediatricians) that would be easier to tell in person than typing it all out. Looking forward to meeting you!


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          Friday 3/13

          hi stephanie,

          sorry it took me nearly a week to get back to you as well. time flies when you have little ones. if you are feeling better, maybe we can meet next friday 3/13 over at Busch Wildlife Center. if you haven't been there yet, it's a free wildlife rescue / sanctuary off central street. it's very easy to go there because there's plenty of close parking, no cost, pretty shaded and not too big to walk. the entire place is probably a block of walking. it's a great place for kids and out of town guests because you can see and read about all the local wildlife.

          i do have somewhere i need to be at 1pm, but i could meet between 11am to 12:45pm. i usually walk the place in no more than 40 mins. there is an area with benches and tables where we could sit and hang out if we're done walking or need to nurse, etc.

          let me know if you're free and we can play it by ear as well if you're still under the weather.


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            Sounds Great!

            Hi Mammy,
            Friday sounds good for me! The time sounds good too. We have been there a couple of times and my boys love it! Do you want to meet by the benches or somewhere else? Have a great week and I'll check back here before then.



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              See you tomorrow!

              Hi Stephanie,

              Sounds great to me, too! See you tomorrow about 11am at Busch Wildlife then. How about we meet near the outside benches, unless it's raining, then I'll meet you inside the little store. (It shouldn't rain... but you never know!) See you tomorrow!


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                Nice meeting you!

                Hi Stephanie,

                It was really nice meeting you and your boys. It was such a relief to talk with someone who didn't think I was weird!

                On Wednesday from 1pm - around 4pm the baby group I belong to is meeting at my house. I know you home school so it might not be convenient for you, but I'd love it if you could make it. It's not the most supportive group in terms of AP parenting, but everyone is really nice and there are lots of babies from 3-7 months old.

                Also, if you ever need help with anything (directions, someone to help with your boys, etc.) I'm just down Indiantown. Feel free to call me.

                If you can make it on Wednesday I'll get you directions. Hope you are having a nice weekend!



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                  Sorry, I missed your call.

                  Hey Aimee,
                  Sorry I missed your call yesterday. When I finally found a quiet moment to call, it was past 10pm. Thanks for inviting me even though I couldn't make it. We were busy with school.

                  It was great meeting you. Maybe one of these days we can get together again with our little ones. Take care.