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  • Idaho

    Hello! I am new to API but have been practicing AP since my son was born. He is now 10 months. I was looking locally to see if there was a support group but sadly we do not have a support group in Idaho. I would love to connect with other women in the Boise area that are also practicing AP. I would love to become a leader and start a support group to help other new moms but will be waiting the next 8 months to pursue leadership due to my sons age. Is there anyone out there in Idaho wanting to connect? There must be more than myself in Idaho practicing AP. I look forward to hearing from you!

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    I'm not in Idaho, but just wanted to say "Hi" since we're neighbors. I'm down here in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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      Hello there! Thank you for the friendly welcome!


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        AP in the Boise, ID Area

        I've been practicing AP with my 9 mo dd, and also looking to meet other like minded mamas in the Boise area. It's good to know there are others out there! I'm in Caldwell, and would love to meet sometime.


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          I have a 5 1/2 mos old son and am practicing AP...although it's been difficult, as he still doesn't sleep through the night and won't take naps. I would love to get together some time...I could use some moral support It seems like everyone I meet is of the Baby Wise persuasion. Yikes! I just moved to Boise from San Diego last year and am still trying to meet new people. I would even consider leading a support group once I find out more about it. Let me know what works for you, and we'll meet up


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            Yes! Let's meet. It's difficult not knowing like minded moms. Fortunately my husband is 100% on board with AP. Would you like to email me off-list to figure out the details? daybreak 168 AT yahoo dot com.


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              Hello Everyone!

              Sorry I have not been on here in some time! I kept looking to see if anyone was interested and no one but now...YEAH!!!!

              I would love for all of us to get together sometime.

              How does next week sometime sound? Do days work for you ladies? Say...Tuesday around 11 or is that too close to nap times?

              I would love to meet up. My email address is if anyone wants to meet up.

              Where can we meet? I am located in Nampa. Would you like to meet at a park? A good between Canyon County and Ada County park is Meridian Park off Meridian Road by the Speedway. Would this work?

              Well email me and let me know if this would work.

              I am looking forward to meeting other ladies that share the same parenting style...and support it!


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                from Boise and interested. i think the park idea is the best.

                what's going on with you ladies? meeting, talking, is there a support group formed?
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                  Hi Tamee!

                  no support group formed... I'm glad you wrote! I'm in Eagle now, and would love to meet sometime. Email me at daybreak168 AT to set up the details? My dd is 21 months and we're AP all the way.