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Anyone from Sonoma County Ca.?

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  • Anyone from Sonoma County Ca.?

    I hear a lot about AP but noone I know Knows of any support groups and all of us have babies that are to young to start an official AP group. Does anyone know of any?

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    There is no reason why you could not start your own group in an unofficial way while the kids are young. That is how our group got started actually! You can still publicise as an Attachment Parenting group (but not API) and have your own activities, yahoo group long as someone is willing to 'take charge' and it sound like you are!

    You might try connecting with other groups locally that might have similar ideas or finding others to swell your group such as
    (just random searches)

    You might also try asking local doulas or midwives if they know anyone with attachment parenting leanings.

    Just some ideas!


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      I actually did find that Yahoo group right after I posted here. Thanks for the info about starting an AP group instead of API. I will see if I can get a couple of mamas to join in on the responsability!


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        Anyone from Sonoma County Ca

        I was curious if there anyone from nyc so we can share thoughts about raising BD in NYC I went to many vets claiming to be good in herpetology but they werent.