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  • Welcome message from Laurie A. Couture

    I appreciate this opportunity to connect with readers of my book, Instead of Medicating and Punishing. It is my hope that readers will post their questions and comments about Attachment Parenting, unschooling, alternatives to traditional school, alternatives to psychiatric drugs and other topics raised in my book. For parents of children ages 9 to 18, I hope you will take the opportunity to dialogue with me about the attachment needs of older youth... I know there is much less info in the Attachment Parenting movement right now relating to Attachment Parenting and unschooling children ages 9 to 18, and healing broken bonds with these age groups; my book puts a focus on connecting to and healing youth at these critical ages. Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you on the forum. Please also visit my website,

    -Laurie A. Couture