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  • Depression and Bipolar Disorder Gene

    You hear in the psychiatry world that the depression and bipolar disorder is a gene that can be passed down through the generations. You also touch on this inside your book stating that it is an unknown whtehter it is genetic or environment causing the manifestations. Since writing your book has your response changed?
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    In my book I state emphatically that it is the environment that onsets mental distress and symptoms of mental illness, but it is totally unknown if there is a true genetic component as well. I believe firmly based on my research on trauma's affects on the brain and on children holistically and developmentally, that mental illness is a result of poor parent-child attachment, traumatic and distressing environments (home, school, community) and a product of our culture. I believe that the toxic foods people eat in industrialized cultures (refined sugar, gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, etc.) produced in a toxic, non-organic manner, plus the toxins in products and in our natural environment contribute to mental health symptoms. I do believe and stated in my book that people's PATTERNS of RESPONDING to chronic distress may be genetic. In our culture it is a financial goldmine for the psychiatry field and BigPharma to convince the public that they simply have a genetic disability and just need to pop a pill or three in order to function. That is a much more financially viable and socially acceptable solution than professionals coming to the realization that the culture as a whole is ill, that public school, day care, preschool, mainstream foods, lack of nature, mainstream parenting patterns and the way our society is constructed is causing mental illness in drastic, epidemic amounts of people. Remember, anyone who pushes the "genetic disorder and drug" theory of mental illness has money at stake. People like Dr. Peter Breggen and others who dispute this have everything to lose, yet speak the truth in spite of the risks.

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