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My question to y'all: How often does your baby poop?

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  • My question to y'all: How often does your baby poop?

    Stemming from a long discussion I'm having in another arena, I'd love to hear your responses to this question:

    How often does your baby poop?
    Could you add age and diet (not detailed diet, just breastmilk, solids, formula, juices).
    I'm talking whatever is "their normal." Not the occasional out-of-whack from food reaction, teething, or illness. If "abnormal" is more often than not, then let me know what factors are involved. If you want to describe their poop journey through several young stages, that's all the more a thrill for me


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    My daughter has always been one of the regular ones who has always pooped only 1 or 2x a day once she reached age 2. She is now 6 and still only poops 1 or 2x a day.


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      My 4.5yo pooped at every feeding as a baby, but as his system matured he became a once a day kind of guy. My 19 month old (solids and breastmilk) also poops once a day. He never went through the pooping at every feeding stage which made nighttime feedings so much easier!