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    In Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids the authors wrote on page 54: "If family time together is important to you, every committment you're tempted to make outside the home needs to be looked at to determine whether it contributes to you getting this hard-to-come by time. If it doesn't, don't commit. Make the tough choices to keep family life alive when kids are young."

    This statement makes complete sense and sounds so simple and yet the actions of doing it are not simple. It makes me wonder why we have to try so hard to make sure we only commit to things that enrich and strengthen our family and personal lives. Why is it a tough choice to "keep family life alive"?

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    Originally posted by stephanie View Post
    Why is it a tough choice to "keep family life alive"?
    Could it be that we sometimes forget to make time for those we cherish most? I find it difficult to keep myself from volunteering to do things that will benefit my family even though it takes time away from them. An example would be when volunteering to help the children's teacher with tasks at home.