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Adults holding grudges

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  • Adults holding grudges

    "... the habit of holding on to hurt is deeply ingrained in adults. This common habit prevents parents from seeing the more positive side of their children's behavior and eventually prevents children from wanting to express it... After you've had a disagreement with a child, see how long it takes you to let go of your judgments and bad feelings... The more you keep focused on everyone's feelings and needs, the easier letting go becomes."

    I have never been one to hold a grudge but I also believe that this is because I also get my anger pretty quickly. However, I do notice with my husband that he holds grudges and really has a hard time letting go. He is also one to not let his feelings out as well and it is also a common trait with his family. I have noticed that since this happens, it does keep my daughter not feeling as comfortable with his anger and not wanting to disappoint him.