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  • Welcome to the API Reads Forum!

    I hope you all enjoy being a part of this forum. This is a place for you to come online to discuss the books currently selected for our API Reads program. We'll discuss what we like and don't like about the book; what resonates for us and what is hard for us to understand; we'll enjoy each other's insights; and we'll each other's online conversation. I look forward to you joining us online for each lively dialogue.

    Please look for an upcoming post that will list out the current selected books that have been chosen! Do you have a favorite or not favorite that you'd like to recommend for API to put as an option for the API Reads program? Please let me know!

    Happy reading...
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    Is this going to be about parenting books, or just for fun books or both?



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      Welcome to the Book-of-the-Month Forum

      I'd love to see a discussion of Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn or Hold on to Your Kids by Gordon Neufeld.


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        I haven't read Hold on to your kids...

        I will have to check that out.



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          Hi Rachel,

          It's mainly going to be focused on parenting books at the start :-)


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            I love Unconditional Parenting and I have heard FABOLOUS things about Hold on to Your Kids. I'll keep track of these suggestions. Thanks Marianne.


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              Our babies, ourselves

              Anyone read this one? I'm going to start when I get it from the library... if you want to have discussions... welcome.


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                Our Babies Ourselves is a great book by Meredith Small. She also has another good one called KIDS: How biology and culture shape the way we raise young children. Both of these books really cathartic to9 me as a person, healing for me as a parent.


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                  I am really excited about this forum!! I love to read and am always looking for more books to learn from and add to my library for reference.

                  I was a part of the BRC when it was still apart of API. I was sad to see it go. It really forced me to read more and really look at it in-depth. So I learned from that.

                  I love the API staff picks on the left too! That is great- I don't have to worry about whether content is not something I could suggest or something that I wouldn't want to read myself. LOVE IT!

                  Look forward to this group!


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                    Oh goodie!! Mama loves her a good bookclub!

                    What's first??? Did i miss it???

                    Blessings all,


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                      Hello Becky, we are reading "Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids" and we'll be reading it April through May :-)