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  • DWD: Time-out tools

    I found this section on parent anger to be extremely useful for me and I loved the quote "Anger is a gift that inspires us to change." by William Rivers Pitt, Author. I found the in-depth look into this often not discussed topic to be of extreme help to me as well as my husband. The section on time-out tools had some really great suggestions on what ways you can take a time-out for yourself in the moment. I have never implemented this successfully before but I also think it was because the techniques suggested in previous discipline books just weren't suited to my personality and temperament. I believe I will try these options:

    - Put in a MP3 player of your favorite songs to distract me.
    - Breathe in, breathe out, and close my eyes.
    - Vacuum (?)

    Any time-out tools you've used to help in the moment?

    As Always,