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LTBD: Teaching not to want?

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  • LTBD: Teaching not to want?

    I really loved reading this:

    "We think that if we teach the baby not to want, then the toddler won't want and the adult won't want because wanting is a terrible, terrible thing. Wanting is selfish. Greedy. Wanting invites disappointment because we don't always get what we want in life. We balk at the idea that a by knows what he needs, because we assume that his needs will become his demands. We're afraid that might make him powerful. And we don't want powerful babies...

    As his wants and needs begin to diverge, I will have to discern which ones are which, and respond to him accordingly, depending on the circumstances. Do we think that curbing a baby's wants and needs early on will prepare him for later? Or prepare us to set limits in toddlerhood when a growing child won't easily take no for an answer? What does a baby ask of his mother? What is she willing to give?" Pg 53-54

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    That's a great quote Justpeachy!


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      Thank you... it was something I thought of today again as me and 5 year-old daughter were walking our dog. She picked up a dandelion and I proceeded to tell her how you make a wish before you blow on it. That you keep the wish private so that it might come true. In that instance, to want was complete innocence that I was proud to share with her.