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LTBD: Being their defense attorney?

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  • LTBD: Being their defense attorney?

    I thought this part of the book as another truth as I look back in time.

    "I have become my boy's defense attorney. He lies there accused of deliberate night-waking and maternal manipulation, all before he can even speak. He'll become a great sleeper, I predict. I say this to myself often, and sometimes I really, really believe it...

    At ten months, without warning and for no apparent reason, he begins to sleep eight hours at a stretch, which makes me want to dance naked in the living room without drawing the blinds. Of course, the eight hours is not always of my choosing." pg 59-60

    I remember having to defend myself against Feberers and being told that my daughter would never learn how to fall asleep. Those same mothers are now battling their children having a hard time going to sleep at ages 4 and 5 and them having to resort to other measures to calm themselves before bedtime. I look at my 5 year old and she has no problem going to sleep and looks at the process as peaceful.

    What were you told would happen to your baby? Those same people who told you that, how are their kids sleeping now?

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    What's written here about the attorney, you need to consult this with the doctor and you are not defending your children in any way.For falling asleep you need better peace of mind.
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