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How many of you have Attached at the Heart book already?

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  • How many of you have Attached at the Heart book already?

    I was so excited to get this book and have already read to Chapter 3. How many of you already have the Attached at the Heart book? If so, what do you think so far?
    Will be getting it or waiting to receive in the mail

    The poll is expired.

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    Love it...

    I love it. I am promoting it to all I can find. It will be the only baby gift I give. I am so happy it is out. I hope we get more widespread media coverage now.


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      It is in the mail.


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        Really recommend Attached at the Heart

        I think this is an excellent book and will be highly recommending it to all our student Parent Coaches.
        It encapsulates, in a very readable way, a great deal of very significant theory about what children need to thrive .



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          I have really enjoyed reading this book as well. Just the right time for API!


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            There was no option for reading it now so posting to say that is what I am doing!


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              Waiting for a deal!

              Waiting to buy it second-hand! Trying to be frugal!


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                love it!

                Great book, I will give it to any parent to be that I know in the future!


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                  Best so far

                  I really like the Sears family publications, but this is the best AP book I've read so far. I passed a copy to a new family trying to decide between childcare options and specifically pointed out the chapter on this subject.

                  How can we get this book into the hands of more new and soon-to-be parents??

                  I think books like this and Hold on to Your Kids and others recommended on this site serve two purposes: they help prepare you for parenting and help you reflect on your experience as a child to identify positive experiences and things that could have been handled better. This thought process can be very healing and helps to identify and possibly explain our own "triggers" or challenges that left un-pondered could get in the way of creating the best possible experience for our own children. I love that the founders of API count among their friends and mentors all of the big names in AP child development that I had already identified before discovering API. It gives me a lot of comfort to know that there is a whole group of professionals and an entire community out there that believe in what I am doing and that there is research to support the philosophies (although the common sense aspect should be enough). Our culture does not currently support AP. I hope that someday it will.