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AATH: The goal of the book

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  • AATH: The goal of the book

    I loved reading the below from Barbara and Lysa. It really set the stage as to what they are trying to accomplish with their book.

    Pg 6:
    "Attached at the Heart is not a typical parenting book. Rather than dictate advice, it calls each of us to look deeper into ourselves and how we raise our children. It asks you to rethink your perception of children and to see the world through their eyes. It sounds the alarm that our children are in trouble and that we, as parents and caregivers, are the only ones in a position to change this spiraling trend. Most of all, it is a book about hope. We can make lasting changes in the world by starting at home and strenghtening our loving connections with our children, being more empathic with them and with ourselves.

    Attached at the Heart offers hope that we can actively participate in reversing this dangerous trend, first by awakening our understanding of the emotional and psychological needs of babies and young children. Secondly, this book offers strategies that define attachment parenting as a way of helping you nurture these needs, to follow your parenting instincts rather than the dictates of our culture."

    This passage reminds me that this book will fall into a category of higher thinking such as Unconditional Parenting, Continnuum Concept, Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves. I love this fact because we need this higher thinking to permeate the mainstream more often so that they can get it.

    What are your thoughts about the above passage?
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