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AATH: Use it or lost it principle

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  • AATH: Use it or lost it principle

    I thought this was a really good look at why attachment parenting is so important. This could be a definite point to share with those who do not believe in attachment parenting.

    Pg. 17:
    "The "use it or lose it" principle also applies to learning empathy, affection, and other positive aspects of social interactions and relationships. Brain researchers have found that a baby receives all kinds of sensory information from his mother's face and tone of voice, which is simultaneously associated with the physical associated with the physical sensations the baby is experiencing. If children do not receive love, affection, and responsiveness from their parents (or primary caregivers), or if they experience signifcant trauma and abuse, thye may never learn what it means to love, to be affectionate, or to have empathy for another human being. All the while, their brains are adapting to their experiences (hardwiring), internalizing what their parents have modeled for them, making it more difficult to change as they grow older."

    I found after reading this feeling so much empathy and sorrow for those children in society who are acting out, violent, sexually active early, and having such low self-esteem. This goes to also support what Gordon Neufield was discussing in his book "Hold Onto Your Kids". I also feel sorrow for those families in which the mother and father have to both working extra hours and how their children are affected by this.

    For those who have experienced an less than ideal childhood, what are your thoughts regarding this paragraph?