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AATH: Your term for AP parenting?

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  • AATH: Your term for AP parenting?

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering do you call your style of attachment parenting anything different from AP?

    Pg. 27
    "The good news is that a growing number of parents and professionals have become increasingly interested in a style of parenting hta actively promotes compassionate, respectful treatment of children and provides the much needed support for the attachment relationship.... These practices have been used in some form for thousands of years -- some call this kind of parenting "conscious parenting", "natural parenting", compassionate parenting", or "empathic parenting" -- some Native Americans refer to it as "original parenting". In many languages around the world, the word "parenting" doesn't exist. They don't try to define it -- it's just something that comes naturally."

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    "Unconditional" is a word I frequently use to describe my parenting style. To me, that falls under the scope of Attachment Parenting, as does "positive"...positive discipline, positive relationships, positive everything.

    It's interesting to me that in our culture, parenting is very strategic and a business, while in other countries, it just is. It's just a way of life so much so that their language doesn't even have a word for it!


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      When I first started with AP, I referred to it as "instinctive parenting" or "natural parenting" -- before I knew that AP was called AP.


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        Hmm, I loved the points you brought up. It is so true that the Western society has lost touch with the "instinctive" care of our children. When you go to book stores, online book stores, etc. there are whole sections of books telling parents how to parent their children. These books only help to further us away from our instinct. We need more books on the shelves that remind us of our intuition and helps us tap into this amazing resource.