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AATH: Preparation for the birth of a child

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  • AATH: Preparation for the birth of a child

    Pg 34:
    " When preparing for the birth of a child, it is easy to get caught up in the material things associated with pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care. Cute infant clothing, the latest maternity fashions, and all the baby gear can be an all-consuming part of preparing for a baby but the lasting investment of preparation involves creating a peaceful loving environment in which to grow, birth, and care for a new life."

    When I read this, I blushed with knowledge that I certainly was one of those mamma's who was guility of doing this. I knew I was going to breastfeed and yet I never attended any LLL meetings to get the scope of it; I don't even know if I ever heard of LLL since I was surrounded by family and friends who bottle fed their babies.

    I remember definitely getting caught up in the clothes, blankets, etc. I hardly used the crib we had, one of those playmats, etc.

    What items did you feel so certain you needed to have that you discovered was a waste of your money? Were you guilty of this as well?