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    Wow, I am truly loving to read Attached at the Heart by Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, co-founders of API. I expected it to be a repeat of the extended principles we have on hand but I was in for a pleasant shock. Yes, it goes by each principle but at the beginning it was a journey into attachment parenting. The principles when read are definitely an even deeper extension to the principles we already have on hand. Plus, you feel like Barbara and Lysa are talking to you gently and in a very supportive manner. They are also backing their words with research displayed at the end of each principle along with listing additional resources. I am so glad that we are reading this book as part of the API Reads program. Last but not least, Barbara and Lysa will participating in the API Reads Author Chat this June 15-26. Take part in this discussion as a membership benefit.

    Jumping from the great book by Barbara and Lysa we will follow quickly on the heels with Connection Parenting by Pam Leo. This is such a great book and easy to read and excellent for parents to talk about together. We all have a past that at times comes out at the least expected times in which we want to bang our head against the wall wondering why we keep doing this or that. With Pam Leo you learn to look back, find a way to rewind the tape and try again. Pam Leoís publishers have donated the books to our book store so if you donít have a copy please purchase them at our store . Donít have time to read or would love for both you and your partner to enjoy, than purchase the audio CD