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AATH: Learning developmental stages

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  • AATH: Learning developmental stages

    I really enjoyed reading the following on page 209:

    "Positive discipline requires a shift in thinking a new understanding about children. seeing the world through the eyes of your child will enhance both you and your child's empathy skills.this is where it is critical that you learn as much as you can about child development through books and other resources. Once you learn what the cognitive and behavioral expectations are for different ages and phases, it is much easier to be patient and respond appropriately to redirect and guide the child's behavior.One of the primary factors that contributes to parents' overreacting or being abusive to their children is inappropriate developmental expectations."

    I know when my dd is acting in ways that seem to trigger my background I feel so frustrated and feel like I should do something about it. It's not appropriate and what have I done to deserve this kind of treatment? When I read in the Gissell Institute books about the appropriate child behavior it automatically reassures me that I haven't done anything wrong, that she does love me, and to definitely be more compassionate.

    For example, we get frustrated that at 5.5 years old she cries that picking up her toys is too hard. Before reading the Gessell Institue books we thought this was something that she was just being lazy about and that she should do it on her own. Once reading the Gessell book it indicates that at 5 doing stuff on their own is still overwhelming to them. With this in mind, we helped pick things up with her without being resentful.
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    What are the Gissell Institute books?


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      Hi Jessica,

      I spelled it wrong in my original post (I'm going to correct it) but it is Gesell Institute. You can learn more about them and about developmental stages at I hope this helps.


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        Thanks Stephanie. I'll check it out.