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  • AATH: Summary

    Reading AATH during the time when API was founded 15 years ago has been very exciting. I loved reading AATH because the manner in which the book was written invites you to sit down and read with them, invites you to open up your mind, and then solidifies what you have read with research to back it up. For those who are familiar with attachment parenting, it is a wondeful book to keep us the AP parenting journey. For those who are not familiar with attachment parenting, this will be a book to hopefully opens the minds and doesn't resist the need to change into a more loving and respectful family relationship in a gentle way so that they are not defensive and be close-minded.

    I hope you have enjoye reading the book. Don't forget to join Barbara and Lysa this week for an intimate chat with them based AATH. With this, I leave you with one question contained at the back of AATH.

    "What impact do you think your childhood has had on your adult life in general, including the ways in which you think of yourself and the ways you relate to your children? What woud you like to change about the way you undderstand yourself and relate to others?"

    See you this week online with Barbara and Lysa!