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What's wrong with our children?

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  • What's wrong with our children?

    Pg 17:

    "The stressful pace of modern living, the loss of extended family support, and the ever-increasing amount of time adults and children spend with television and computers have further weakened the parent-child connection...

    Becausethat vital parent-child bond grew naturally and was not created consciously, when our lifestyle changed we were unaware that those changes were eroding the parent-child connection essential to our children's wellbeing. Even though the adults didn't know something was missing, the children did...

    Instead of addressing these behavior problems by asking, "What is not right for our children? Some adults asked, "What's wrong wtih our children?" Rather than looking for the cause of children's behavior, they focused on finding ways to change or control children's behavior. The answer they found to controlling children's problem behaviors was authoritarian parenting, control through coercion. Time has shown that coercion increased behavior problems instead of solving them."

    These words are so true. So, as attached parents, what is the question we ask ourselves about our children's behavior problems? What is the question you ask yourself about your children(s) behavior problems?