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Silence at nap times?

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  • Silence at nap times?

    Pg 83:

    "Try to let your baby nap in a bassinet or crib wherever there are people around, if this is possiible. Don't worry about your baby not being able to fall asleep, because most babies can sleep in the middle of a rock concert when they are tired. The old idea of "Shhh!... the baby is sleeping," only conditions a baby to sleep lightly and to stir at each extraneous noice. Babies feel secure hearing the voices of their brothers or sisters and parents while sleeping."

    Do you find that this was true with your baby?

    For us, my daughter had the actual temperament of needing to sleep in her bed (or my arms at home) and did need the quiet. I noticed this from the beginning. What is (was) your experience?

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    Both of my babies needed dead quiet and darkness when they were younger. My three-year-old now needs light but still needs quiet, and my two-year-old can now sleep anywhere if she's tired -- just likes to crawl up in a lap first, tho.

    I tried at some point to put music on in the background but it just re-energized them and then if the CD stopped, they woke up.


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      My first needed it quiet and dark or he just wouldnt sleep.... unfortunately he also needed me to sleep so very little got done for his first year! My second is the exact opposite, if she cannot hear us she wakes up and she is not interested in sleeping in our arms and much prefers being in her hammock, so we have her hanging between the living room and kitchen during the day and make as much noise as we please..... I am glad they are this way around though as I cannot imagine how it would have worked with a two year old and a baby who requires complete silence!


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        MyI find if they are really tired they can sleep through anything but generally they need quiet when i put them down for the night or they wont sleep


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          Both mine needed near quiet to fall asleep after 9m or so becuase they wanted to go see what the noise was. After they were asleep 'normal' day to day noise was fine. We live down the street from 2 firehalls and near the local hospital so we always have extra sound going on. My boys are used to it!