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Baby symbolize?

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  • Baby symbolize?

    What did the birth of your baby symbolize to you?

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    I could go on and on and on about this topic. The birth of my daughter on the good side symbolized the beginning of a life I have felt I was always supposed to be leading, the beginning of having something bigger than me to focus on, and put effort into. It symbolized the start of my marriage becoming a "family". I felt it was the start of me and my life as weird as that may sound. On the other side it also symbolized the end of my "free time", the end of my carefree days, the end of my career or at least putting my career on hold for a while. But in the end the positives far far outweigh the other side.


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      For me, it symbolized a new beginning for my family that is not dysfunctional. It symbolzed a new kind of love, wonder, and amazement. I was intrigued by what lie ahead.