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  • Instruction Manual?

    Parenting is the most important job we'll ever have... Yet, in our society, it is the one we are least prepared for and for which we have the least support. Babies are born without instruction manuals; every baby is unique, and no one book could possibly teach all that you need to know about your particular child. Only your child can teach you about his needs and personality. (pg 1)

    What part of parenting so far do you wish you did have an instruction manual for?

    For me, it was the intense tantrum stages. It really pushed my buttons and required my whole body and mind to feel at peace with it and help my child. To love the process and what it was with the tantrums. I needed the most support then. If only there had been information out there at that time. Now there is more information and support in this area.

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    Hmm, if we did have an instruction manual what would you call it?


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      Positive discipline.