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Is it natural for you?

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  • Is it natural for you?

    My discussion with MommyPower over this forum has been very inspiring and I was thinking there are others out there as well where it comes naturally to them. So, does being an AP parent come natural to you?
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    It comes natural to me in that I can't imagine parenting any other way. (And some principles are so easy for me, like feeding with love and respect and nurturing touch and education in pregnancy and childbirth.) What I need, though, are more 'tools'. Especially with positive discipline.

    As a parent I'm learning that I really grew up with no discipline (never had the opportunity to examine that before ) so I feel like I'm learning it all fresh! Implementing positive discipline can be challenging for me cause it's all new.

    For example, I just clicked on API Speaks and read the positive discipline story. What a great way to approach the 'say your sorry' issue. I'm torn on this one. I want my child to apologize but I want him to mean it and I know I can't force him to mean it... so what do you do? Do what's socially acceptable? In the story, instead of forcing an apology, the mom asked the child how he could make his sister feel better because she was hurt. He chose to draw her a picture of something she liked. But could you do this with an unfamiliar child on a playground? I very much look forward to learning how to 'apply' positive discipline as I read more and learn more from other like-minded parents.


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      it comes naturally

      My own mother is amazing. She is definitely an attachment parent. So for me, the fact that there is a word for the type of parenting I was raised by is a new idea to me. It's just how parents are "supposed" to be in my mind. For those new to AP, you are probably not only giving your children the gift of yourself, but future generations as well.