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  • Childbirth education class

    In Chapter 2 of AATH, it discusses Principle #1: Prepare Yourself for Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting: What Every Parent Needs to Know.

    Barbara and Lysa mention the importance of going to childbirth education classes to help prepare for the birth exprience. Did you take a childbirth education class? If so, what method did you choose?

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    We took a hypnobirthing class and LOVED it. It truly did help during the birth experience.


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      We took a Bradley class. Great information but we never did ALL the homework and that made me feel unprepared... until we took a two hour class with our doula on birthing positions and comfort measures (things she and/or my husband could do/try to help) while in labor. Meeting with the doula and knowing she would be there made me feel comfortable again because I wasn't responsible for 'practicing' or keeping all the birthing position options or comfort measures presented in the Bradley class iin my head. She would be (and was) there with all that info in her head to help me/my husband with suggestions on the spot. I don't regret the Bradley class at all and would consider doing it again for another child. So much education about pregnancy, labor and the birth. But I'd also take the class with the doula again ! Another benefit of the Bradley class was that it was really neat to meet a group of people that were all having babies around the same time. We met up once afterward when all the babies had arrived and it was a lot of fun!


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        I've heard a lot of good things about the Bradley classes as well as doula's. I do wish I had researched doula's better and been able to have one at the birthing experience. I love the fact that you met afterwards with everyone. I wish we could have done that as well to see how everyone else fared with the hypnobirthing.


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          We did Bradley too, and it was great. I didn't get nearly as much out of it as my husband did, but he swears by it and for 6mo. afterward told everyone about it. It was so nice to know what was coming next, what to expect and that what I was experiencing was normal. We also had a Doula would never do it without one, and I took a pregnancy yoga class which was amazing! And by far one of my favorite experiences, I feel like it really prepared me with relaxation techniques and keeping my body in shape for birth.


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            Hypnobabies for prepairing for childbirth

            I just wanted to share my experience too. I took Hypno-birthing with #1 and Hypnobabies with #2 and the way Hypnobabies prepairs you for birth is AMAZING. They talk a lot about bonding with the baby before (s)he is born and that the baby is a part of the process too. I love API because for me is all comes back to respect and respecting your children as individuals. Hypnobabies does a wonderful job of reiterating this and showing how that baby is a part of the birthing process too. I think they also cover the API principles in their class. If you would like more info on Hypnobabies, this site is really informative:
            Hope that helps.


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              We did Hypnobabies. It was uhmazing.... We experienced a very traumatic miscarriage before our conception with DS, so lots of fears for both me and DH. Hypnobabies not only prepared us for birth, but helped eliminate our fears as well. I had no pain with my labor, and my husband was there supporting me, talking, laughing, caressing me all through it. Definitely Hypnobabies, I feel no need to take a different class in the future. This works so well in so many ways.