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  • Doula and post-partum doula

    In Barbara and Lysa's book they recommend looking for a doula for the birth experience as well as a post-partum doula. I did not do this and really wished I had enlisted the services of a post-partum doula. For those who have used doula's, what was your experience like? What would be the reasons you would recommend to someone else to enlist the service of a doula?
    Yes and I would do so again
    Yes but I didn't feel it was worth it
    No but wished I had
    No; didn't feel the need to

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    We loved loved loved our Doula. It was so great, my labor started when my water broke at 4am. I knew the doctor would say go straight to the hospital and that's not what I wanted, so I called my Doula told her what was happening and then called the Dr.'s office who kinda freaked out and started asking if I could feel the baby's head (seriously way over-reaction). My Doula kept calling back giving me advice like telling me to go back to bed and start walking. Then she was headed to my house to help me labour at home when my contractions got really close so we met at the hospital where she was able to help me out with my labor, keep the Dr's from giving me an IV, and helped keep the Dr's and Nurses at bay so I could just labor on my own. My husband was so thrilled to have her there to help him stay calm he was pretty freaked. We didn't have a post-partum which I don't feel we needed, but I do think the next go around with a toddler I might hire a postpartum Doula to help out with the cleaning and cooking and all that stuff.