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Bottle feeding mimic breastfeeding behavior model

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  • Bottle feeding mimic breastfeeding behavior model

    Barbara and Lysa talk about ways that a bottle feeding mother can still mimic the attachment behaviors associated with breastfeeding. Things such as:
    - skin-to-skin
    - giving and receiving nurturing touch through massage and gentle caress
    - parents hold the baby in the crook of the arm, positioning the bottle alongside the breast This position places the baby's face and cheek in contact with the parent's arm, and this skin-to-skin contact helps the parent and baby feel more connected
    - holding the baby during feedings
    - maintain eye contact while feeding when the baby is alert and interested
    - switch positions from one side to another; these help strenghten the baby's eye muscles
    - talk softly and loving to baby at feeding times
    - follow the child's cues
    - mother being main person to feed baby to mimic that of breastfeeding

    For those who did or are bottle feeding, was this information out there for you? Did your pediatrician give you these tips to maintain a closer connection with your baby (child) while bottle feeding?