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  • Introducing solids

    In AATH Barbara and Lysa talk about responding to our child's cues when it comes to feeding and nutrition. At what age did you start introducing solids and what were the first 5 solids you introduced?

    I had to wait until she was 1.5 because the solids were exacerbating her reflux so we began making our baby food. We introduced: bananas, sweet potatoe, pears, apples, and peas.

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    We started a little after 6 months she was so interested in spoons and food and trying to take things off our plate. I remember at around 5mo. we put breastmilk in a bowl and fed it to her with a spoon because she was so excited about spoons. We started with Avacado, then Sweet Potato, I don't remember what we did next but I know I've got pictures of probably her first 10foods.


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      Depends on the child.

      DD1 - around 5 1/2 months. She'd been reaching for my food for over a month, but I kept putting her off until she insisted. Um, first 5 foods were probably avocado, sweet potato, papaya, banana, oatmeal (real oatmeal, not the packaged baby mush). That was when I thought I had to give mush, so I chose foods that I could smash with a spoon at the table. This child also showed me that wasn't true, as she was only interested in foods she could hold and feed herself.

      DS (twin to DD1) - about 6 1/2 months. He was less excited/interested than sister, so we started offering later. Probably about the same list of first foods.

      DD2 - started giving her foods she could gum at around 4 months (large carrots, hard crackers, etc). Food was just play, she wasn't eating anything then. She fed herself quinoa at about 5 1/2 months; I'd given it to her so she could play while we ate and only realized she'd eaten a LOT with the next day's poopy diaper. First foods (besides the quinoa ): banana, oatmeal, stone fruits, rice, whatever she could steal off our plates.