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Sensitivity in boys

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  • Sensitivity in boys

    In AATH they touch on the principle "Respond with Sensitivity" and they mention maintaining that quality in boys as well as girls. Do you feel that boys are taught to be insensitive? If so, who do you think teaches this to them? Do you think your responding sensitively will help counteract the boys being taught to not be sensitive?

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    I think boys are taught to not be sensitive by their fathers, the men walking around in society, media, the type of toys they play with, and the peers they hang out with.


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      I think that parents struggle with whether or not they will be baby-ing their boys or spoiling them somehow if they are too nurturing or affectionate with them. what is sad is that all children need touch and we now live in a very low-touch society. i think if parents understood that you cannot spoil a child with too much love and too much touch then they may feel a little more at ease about being affectionate with boys.