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  • Daycare attachment

    Linda writes on page 29:

    "... decid[ing] to use day somewhat more frequently, which may perpetuate the reduced attachment, but many of these infants end up finding attachments through day care that instill the ability to trust. Infant who repetitively lose predominant caregivers seem to suffer most... When visiting a daycare center, one tends to notice beauty and cleanliness, at least at first, but the nature and level of attention given to each child is far more important."

    With this in mind, do you believe that attached parents tend to overlook finding out if the attention given to the child at a daycare center is more important than the cleanliness that Linda talks about? Do you also agree that caregiver roulette with daycare's or nannies poses a threat to attachment in children? If so, how? Lastly, if you found a daycare center or nanny in which attachment is not hindered, what qualities are displayed or actions are done by the daycare personnel or nany to foster this type of attachment?