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  • Reattachment

    On pg 31:
    "Psychologists do have ways of intervening when poor attachment has occurred in a child. Before the age of 7 months, extra holding, nurturing, and availability do the trick... Fairly good results are still expected when efforts begin before the age of 7 years. These windows of opportunity also exist for the father who was not involved from the beginning."

    I found this interesting and good news. What about for those families who did CIO and are now attached? Do you see a difference in the child?

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    this makes me think of families who come to AP, and ask is it to late for my older kids.


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      I believe so too. It also tells me how moms who experience post-partum depression or depression in their child's early life still have a chance to re-connect without the relationship being affected. I can see there being guilt in these situations in which you believe you really affected your child and maybe damaged the connection.