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    I have never used massage with my DD but have always heard of the tremendous benefits it offers to the attachment process. Touching our infants is so important in the attachment process. I wanted to solidify this by quoting a passage.

    “Massaging of babies decreases the level of the stress hormone cortisol and has also been shown to enhance the functioning of the immune system. An investigation into “failure to thrive” infants discovered that the mothers of these infants provided much less touch and other kinds of stimulation to their infants than those of the normally growing infants… And an investigation into infants’ attachment behaviors found the highest attachment rates in those with the most physical contact with their mothers. German researchers, comparing maternal behaviors, reported that “experience of a direct sensual and physical contact was most important” for the continued loving relationship between mother and child… These Canadian researchers also found those who received the most affection displayed the highest levels of independence as adults.

    Untouched infants also become children and adults who don’t touch… American children, who receive far less attention than most others around the world, displayed 3 times more attention-seeking behavior when compared to cultures that provide high infant contact such as those in Japan and Mexico” (pg 71-72)