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  • IQ?

    Does it matter to you that your parenting choices and practices can greatly influence your child's IQ?

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    yes, i am very concerned that i will end up with kids whose IQ is higher than mine, i don't want to be out-witted! ()

    kidding, of course, but very few parents will ever have their kids IQ scored, so i think the question is "Does it matter that our parenting practices influence whether our children will reach (or excede) their potential?" for me, the answer is: i do the very best i can and trust the universe where i lack. there are certainly some days where i hope that i have very little influence because the weight of that responsibility is overwhelming and sometimes it induces way more self-importance than i should have. but mostly we practice AP because we do believe it stacks the odds in their favor.
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      It's funny you should mention this. My daughter keeps saying she'll never leave us and will live with us forever (she's 6.5). My hubby said "wait until she's 13 and then it will be a different story". I don't agree. I think with our AP parenting we'll still have the connection to where they'll still want to be with us but will find other creative ways to rebel without damaging the relationship. So maybe due to our parenting practices she'll have a higher IQ in regards to resisting peer pressure, will navigate the world better, etc. Is that IQ or just being a loving, compassionate adult?


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        ha! my 7 year old says the same thing! i said, 'you may want to move out one day and have your own family.' he said, 'we'll just live with you!'

        i'm an intervention specialist (special ed teacher), so IQ has a very specific definition to me. but i certainly think the goal is "loving, compassionate adult". we've been told our oldest is gifted and we should be proud or not worry b/c he's so smart. when people say this, i say, 'i want my son to be happy more than smart'. honestly, i'd rather he turn out to be a compassionate person who finds self-fulfillment than a brainiac.