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Exclusive babywearing?

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  • Exclusive babywearing?

    How long did you exclusively wear your baby?

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    My son is 4 1/2 months old and I still wear him exclusively. He's never been in a stroller and is only in hsi carseat in the car.


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      I wore my daughter in the sling exclusively until she was about 18 months old. After that, she began to phase out of it and walk more.


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        I exclusively wore all my babies until they could walk....then they would walk interspersed with a carry in the sling or later the backpack...never used a pram..
        sons 27, 24, 17, 14
        daughters 4, 9months.


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          i try to wear my babies as much as possible until they can walk on their own. i do sometimes use the stroller, but only as a "different" and fun "activity" for my baby, not as a general rule. i may use a stroller for a quick walk around the block; but as for real "outings" (zoo, museum, long walks, etc), it's the baby in the sling and the bigger kids walking. i have found it more freeing than burdensome to leave the stroller at home, for sure. babywearing has a learning curve, but, luckily, it's also addicting


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            my daughter is 25 months and if she gets tired on a hike or even outings I put her in my Ergo and have been doing that since she was 3 month, she was in a sling till then but she didn't like it. i will be buying another carrier maybe a sherpani for our longer hikes for the summer. the ergo is great though because i can still nurse her in the side carry position and she loves it