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  • Juice dehydrating

    In the "Instead of Medicating" book, pg 44, Laurie writes: "Most juices have as much sugar as soda and thus are just as dehydrating as soda."

    >> I always thought that if I watered down her juice that I was doing just fine but reading this showed me differently.

    Although cow's milk has an abundance of the calcium that is vital for children's growing bones and muscles, cow's milk is hard on the digestive system and does not substitute for the body's need for water."

    >> Here I thought that if we weren't drinking juice on a certain day and were instead drinking milk we were doing pretty good. We weren't very good about drinking water but after reading this stuff I should make a definite effort.

    Do you drink anything than water that you feel is a great substitute?

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    We mainly drink water. Occasionally we drink tea (decaffeinated and very lightly sweetened with stevia). I feel pretty good about letting my children drink tea. We also drink some cow's milk. Juice is something we almost never drink and when we do it is diluted by at least half with water.


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      hey ,
      yes we drink tea , roibos tea is great with or without milk...

      my son is also a fan of camomile tea before bed, and peppermint tea is nice for kids and good for digestion..
      veg juices are ok, (dilute carrot though as it is quite sweet)

      i wouldnt do with out my juicer, my son loves beetroot juice (but watch the mess if you have white sofas lol)

      you can dilute them as much or as little as you like.

      i think if you dont have sweet stuff you get used to it....