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  • Foster care

    I really liked these statements on page 191:

    "Why are children removed from their own homes and placed in foster care when they are being abused, rather their parents?"

    "Why are children forced to see or move back in with an abusive parent that the child doesn't want to see or move back with"

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    I was a foster parent to a little girl for 2.5 years. She was removed at 4 weeks and went home at 2.5. It was heart breaking to see. She didn't want to go, and we haven't been allowed to see her since the day she left 3 months ago. I wish I could say that I'm confident her home life has changed, but the truth is our system is flawed here in America and children are not the main priority in foster care. Sadly. Politics many times, obviously not always, trump the better treatment for the children. We saw way too many atrocities over the 2.5 years we fostered her. We miss her more and more with each passing day.