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Fostering Emotional Recovery Summary

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  • Fostering Emotional Recovery Summary

    Play is one of the best ways to engage with children, pulling them out of emotional shutdown or misbehavior, to a place of connection and confidence. The way that children accomplish this is through pretend play such as playing doctor. If they are unable to recover by using play, children may be flooded with emotions (such as tantrums). They might lash out at others, storm around, or burst into tears at the slightest upset. Others may withdraw to their room, or shut all of their feelings down.

    Have you witnessed or experienced your child (or yourself) trying to heal from emotional or physical trauma through play? Did you experience or witness the experience to be healing?

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    Lis Ellingham Wolf: I worked for a play based child led preschool and yet the owner/lead teacher kept telling me to stop interacting with the kids so much. I'm a playful mama and teacher so I resented that. I might add that kids come to me magnetically!

    Melissa Elisabeth Jones-Bilbrey: This has been so true with my little boy! Puppets work great the first time I happened upon it I could hardly believe my eyes!

    Virginia Keevan: Just started reading playful parenting...saw it recommended here...we already play with our girls but I am hoping to be able to use it as a tool for teaching not just having fun!