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  • Joining our children's world

    I just loved reading the end of CHapter 2's paragraph:

    The heartfelt connection we all yearn for is locked away within our every day routine as parents, teachers, and friends. But human connection is always changing, flowing from connection to disconnection to reconnection. Playful Parenting can be a guide through these rapid changes. When we join children in their world of play, we unlock the door to their inner lives and meet them heart to heart.

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    I love this section of his book. I really like how he talks about not being able to expect our kids to join out world until we've joined their's. It is so true and I really try and keep that in mine, when we are at odds and she's just not cooperating. I really have to stop and think when was the last time we just played and she was totally in charge? When did I last enter her world?