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Playful Parenting - Pg 43 - Reconnection

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  • Playful Parenting - Pg 43 - Reconnection

    Reconnecting can be as simple as a baby and mother looking fondly at each other after an outburst of tears has subsided, or a hug after a long day of school, or shaking hands to seal the deal after tough negotiations over a new bedtime. Reconnection might require a bit of rough and tumble, or getting on the floor at children's level, or spending time doing what they most like to do. In some cases family therapy or play therapy may be needed, if the obstacles to connecting as a family are too big.

    What ways have you established reconnection?

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    The other day I felt like a genius I just had one of those great mom moments of overcoming my desire to impose my will. I was changing the babies diaper and she was taking everything out of the pantry and just being a handful, and I tackled her to the ground playfully after her 10th attempt to climb on my back. And for some reason I just felt a need to tell her, her birth story focusing on how much my heart grew the day she was born and all about her toes and fingers, she immediately calmed and we ended up playing a great game of try and get past me. It was an amazing opportunity to just reconnect and focus back on how much I love her, and reassure her of that at the same time.


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      That's a beautiful reconnection story!